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Rogelio López Marin (Gory)

Jose Lezama Lima made a reference to a principle which became the touchstone throughout his poetic opus. He called it the “Eros of the Distant”. It is a way to combat claustrophobia and to break down the invisible barriers which close one off from the exterior world. Over the line of the horizon there exists another life isolated by the time and distance generated by absence. This Eros of the Distant has plunged deep into the souls of the Cuban artists, who lacking wings, had to feed their imaginations. The Eros of the Distant hasn't exempted Gory (Rogelio Lopez Marin). Gory has lived outside of Cuba long enough to expand a cloistered vision into a knowledge of the world, while remaining continually conscious of absence and the invisible that persists in memory. The memory of going over what has been done, what one had, and what one lost, returns again and again in these fragments from the past. An image evolves making the visible invisible, composing a puzzle which is different yet has similar forms.

There is a secret alive deep inside of things, in the line of the horizon, in the corners of memories that don't die, in the yesterday which is today which is tomorrow which is never. It is the design of creation, the need to express oneself in the call of the unknown where suffering, uncertainty, and happiness become poetic.

Jesus Vega

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