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Raimundo Travieso

As an artist, I have always identified more with poets than with painters as my drawings are intimate and meditative. I think of myself as a poet who writes in a universal language, the language of drawing. Like most poets, too, I do my work, day to day for over 20 years now, without expecting much in return. Honestly, I do it because I cannot help it, and only recently have I started showing it outside a small group of family and friends.

Certainly, I love to share my work. As I see it, it is my charisma (in the Christian sense of the word) to express on paper the fruits of my interior search, which is like yours, and so my work, I hope, can help you find yourself and God inside yourself. Keep in mind that I, as I think any honest artist can confirm, am only at most a craftman who has developed the skill to communicate the idea, idea that came to me without any effort or merit on my part.

Raimundo Travieso

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