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Miguel Padura

My work has always been committed to the realistic representation of the natural world, still lifes, the landscape, and human figure. However, my realism is not just straightforward imagery that replicates a particular object, place, or person. It is imbued with a mysterious content that comes from my fascination with things not completely explained, like deep shadows with no direct reference and isolated personalities. There are allusions to the metaphysical paintings of Giorgio de Chirico and to the Surrealists; both freed the eye to see the pure, inexplicable existence of things. There are also references to the American Realists of the twentieth century and to the Spanish still life masters of the seventeenth century. Among their ordinary surroundings and ordinary friends and family, and in the shapes and textures of the most banal of objects, these artists perceived an extraordinary aesthetic context. As a modern painter, I pay tribute to all of them as a part of my artistic heritage, while I continue to explore the art of painting and all it is capable of representing.

Miguel Padura

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