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Mario Algaze

Mario Algaze's black-and-white photographs capture the essence of a culture and the terrain in which it flourished.   The artist's images take the viewer on an imaginary journey through time to a land full of history and unmatched beauty.   One is overtaken by the seemingly flawless nature and everyday scenes, which are in turn transformed into a poetic rendering of life.  

Algaze left his homeland in the 1960's due to personal political beliefs. He recalls, "Ever since I left my homeland, Cuba, at the age of 13, the rootlessness of all exiles has been a central part of my life, and of course, of my creative energies as well."   The ever-present search for a land to call his own is very apparent in the artist's work.   The great detail and precision that go into the making of each image show his love and respect for the land, and his quest to identify himself with it's history and traditions.

His photographs embody his search for a sense of acceptance and a country to call home.

Gabriela M. Moya

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