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Geandy Pavón

Only La Nada as starting point can explain the vigorous sbtlety in which armament, brocade, and shawl are reincarnated in Pavon's tapestry. La Nada as point of departure does not in any way negate the other origin, the one having to do with geography. On the contrary, it confirms it. Despite the cluttered background by which we identify all that is Cuban (palm trees, music, black deities, broken-off pieces of architecture) La Nada has been since the beginning of time, the most enduring tradition on the island. Both history and manner of the nation have ensued the successive symbolic and material destruction of previous life on the island. Nothing seems to indicate that this is about to change. Pavon's La Nada could therefore arise due to more intimate reasons, both generational and personal. These two factors alienated all that set foot upon and touched. Being exhiled has only managed to magnify this alienation.

La Nada has thus become his natural state of being and turn, he has become accustomed to it as nature itself. To become comfortable with it is just a saying: La Nada is also alibi and starting point for Pavon's art.

Enrique Del Risco

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