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Eduardo Muñoz Ordoqui

The principal goal of this series consists in transmitting the idea of a social or political exile.   Yet it also includes exile of a psychological nature, less concrete or circumstantial, and perhaps more universal and rooted.   It is a condition of permanent exile. Therefore, in spite of it, having originated in my family and personal experience --first as a direct descendant of Spanish Republican immigrants, and presently as one living away from my country of origin, the work must not be limited to referencing a social group, an ideological tendency, or a precise minority or nationality, although conjointly because of the stated reasons, it may allude some of them.

In order to obtain these goals, I position the camera in a domestic interior.   The only link with the exterior world --the escape from these spaces which are generally oppressive, illusive-- is the television screen.   Through it, previously selected video stills of various films are transmitted.   Such stills are predominantly black and white or, at times, there is a hint of color. I intend to generate a visual contrast and a time distinction with respect to the natural coloration of the objects. These images represent indistinctly the plane of memory, or the enclosure of the external reality, and they combine with the surrounding elements, with the intention of suggesting conflict, state of mind, and the condition of alienation.   The usage of televised and projected images as virtual space also intends to allude to the irreversibility of time and of history, the discontinuity of the experience of the exiled, and to the active obsessive nature of the past in such a condition --nevertheless, it may take us to the present, and also, to the future.

Eduardo Munoz Ordoqui

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