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Carlos Estévez

What is man?
What is life?
What do we represent in the universe?
What is happiness?
There is my obsession.

I have conceived my work in the form of fragments. A kind of essay or phrase that comes to me intermingled with the dynamic of human thinking. As such, the pieces are not understood as an ending, stylish succession, nor formal harmony. they are by and large oriented towards the diversity with the connection of the unique source: “The Creator;” towards a same goal: the cognoscente experience.

My fundamental resources have been: the encyclopedias as metaphors of confinement within an object (book) that comes from the “human knowledge,” the universal history from where i have acquired symbols and images to represent my ideas, and finally, the life as a cognoscente experience in which i pretend to re-elaborate, in a personal manner, the treatise of the human existence.

Carlos Estévez

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